1.2G CCTV Camera 30 LED IR Night Vision Outdoor Wireless CMOS Camera Audio/Video Receiver

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Description : 1.2G CCTV Camera 30 LED IR Night Vision Outdoor Wireless CMOS Camera & Audio/Video Receiver
Features : 
1.Exquisite workmanship, low power consumption, high sensitivity, easy to operate, install and hide.
2.With a manual-modulated radio AV receiver.
3.Can be connected with varieties of monitors and TV with video & audio output jack to watch videos & images.
4.With 2 power adapters, and an antenna.
5.Horizontal Definition is 380TV Lines.
6.The camera Lens is 6mm.
7.Compact volume, light weight.
8.Suitable for monitoring, anti-burglary, guardianship, supermarkets, shops, workshops, schools, warehouses, offices, and other special tasks.
Specifacaitions : 
1. Frequency : 1.2G
2. Resolution 380TV Lines
3. Linear Transmission Distance : 20M (10 metres through obstacles)
4.Weatherproof : Yes
5.Minimum Illumination : 3 LUX
6.Infra Red LEDs : 30
7. Night Vision Range : 10 metres (Total Darkness)
8. Camera Lens : 6mm
9.Dimensions : 5.7 x 5cm
10. Image pickup device : 1/3 1/4" Image Sensors
11.TV system : PAL / CCIR : 50Hz NTSC/EIA : 60Hz
12.Transmission Signal : Video
13.Output Power : 50mW
1.Power Supply : DC12V 1A
2.Consumption Current : 200 mA
3.Demodulation Type : FM
4.Frequency : ISM 900 MHz-1200 MHz
5.Intermediate Frequency : 480 MHz
6.Antenna : 50 ohm F-Connector
7.Receiving Sensitivity :
8. Dimensions : 14 x 8 x 8cm
Package includes : 
1 x Wireless 1.2Ghz Camera
1 x Receiver
2 x Power Adapters
1 x Antenna
1 x Video Cable
1 x User ManualDetails pictures : 

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